On-Site Computer Repair, Service, Networking and IT Support to Homes and Small Businesses Throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Washington and Walworth Counties. 

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On-Site Service At Your Home Or Office - No Additional Trip Charges

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Home Services Offered

Services Offered

Computer services are provided on-site at your home or office and charged by a standard hourly rate based on the time spent at your location.  The cost of any parts are charged in addition to the hourly rate. 

There is no additional trip charge.  Payment is due upon receipt of services.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Please call me for the current hourly rate.


Virus, Malware, Spyware, and Adware Removal

Malicious software pervades our internet based world today, with increasing numbers of threats lurking on websites and in emails.

Some of the common symptoms your computer system may be infected include:

  • Computer suddenly running much slower than usual or becoming unresponsive
  • Computer crashes or restarts unexpectedly
  • Components or functions of your operating system missing or disabled
  • Web browser gets redirected to a different site than you are visiting
  • Random advertisement popups, solicitations to buy software protection immediately from an unknown vendor

In the event your computer system is infected I will carefully scan for and remove the malware using the latest tools and techniques.  I will also suggest software and tips to help protect your computer in the future.


Microsoft Windows Operating System and Software Repair

I can handle just about every type of problem you may be experiencing with your Windows operating system, such as:

  • failed start-ups
  • blue screen errors
  • system errors
  • internet connection problems
  • printer problems
  • sluggishness or unresponsiveness
  • various common application errors


System Optimization

Has your computer been slowing down over time?

My system optimization process detects and corrects common issues that have a negative performance impact to your system, including:

  • unnecessary or unused programs installed/loading at start-up
  • file system integrity problems
  • build-up of temporary/junk files
  • virus/spyware/adware infections
  • System registry clutter
  • file fragmentation
  • unnecessary or unused web browser add-ons


Desktop PC Hardware Repair and Upgrades

I install upgrades and diagnose and replace failing desktop hardware components, including:

  • power supply
  • hard drive
  • memory modules
  • video card
  • network card
  • sound card
  • monitor
  • motherboard


Laptop Hardware Repair and Upgrades

Limited to:

  • hard drive
  • memory modules

(I do not replace failing/broken display screens, motherboards, power adapters or power connectors)


Wired and Wireless Networking

I can get your computers talking to each other and the internet, and troubleshoot network communication problems.

  • router/switch setup and configuration
  • firewall setup and configuration
  • network printer setup
  • network file sharing/network attached storage (NAS)
  • QuickBooks network installation


Data Recovery

Is your computer not booting, or an important file unreadable or accidentally deleted?

I perform data recovery on hard drives and flash drives (USB memory sticks, memory cards) experiencing logical or file system problems, and on hard drives with minor sector read errors.

In the event your hard drive or flash drive has serious physical hardware problems, it will need to be shipped to a specialized data recovery lab for dis-assembly and inspection in a clean room environment.

In such an event I can refer you to a state of the art data recovery lab right here in Wisconsin that offers free shipping and diagnostics.


Online Remote Backup

Don’t risk losing your precious data files!

There are way too many computer users today who simply ‘trust’ that their storage devices will continue to function properly, and seldom, if ever, back up their data to a separate device.

Hard drives, CD/DVDs and flash storage devices fail quite frequently in today’s world, putting you at risk of data loss.  Data loss also occurs frequently through ‘human’ error, such as accidental file deletion.

I’ve teamed up with a world class online remote backup company here in Wisconsin who will automatically and securely back up your important data to their servers over your internet connection.

There is no need to remember to backup your data, and retrieving your backed up files is a snap!,/p>

QuickBooks Installation and Networking

Intuit QuickBooks has long been the industry standard for small to medium business accounting and bookkeeping.

I can assist you with installing QuickBooks on your computer as well as configuring QuickBooks for multi user access over a network.

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