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Pinterest At A Glance


Now the number 3 most visited social media website according to a report by Experian Hitwise, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that is taking the online world by storm.  Users can organize and share things of interest found on the web in a very visually appealing, elegant, simple layout.

People use Pinterest in countless ways, such as gathering ideas for cooking recipes, home decor and personal fashion, or to showcase a photography or graphic design portfolio.

Increasing numbers of businesses are leveraging Pinterest as a marketing tool, displaying featured products and services with prices as a virtual window shopping experience.

The most fundamental element of Pinterest is a pin, which is simply an image of something and a description.  A pin will always include a reference link to the original source of the image:

Multiple pins can be grouped and categorized into boards:

Users can ‘like’ others pins, adding it to their like section, repin someones pin onto a board of their own, post comments and ‘follow’ (subscribe to updates) of other users or specific boards of other users they find interesting.  Pinterest activity can also be shared with others via Facebook and/or Twitter.  Interestingly, most Pinterest users are female, though more men are beginning to catch on to it.  ReadWriteWeb author Dave Copeland wrote an article titled A Guy’s Guide To Pinterest, describing his experience using the site.  For a much more detailed description of Pinterest and how to get started visit http://pinterest.com/about/.  Happy Pinning!


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