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Home Computer Service and Repair Software Updater Feature added to CCleaner Professional

Software Updater Feature added to CCleaner Professional



Ccleaner recently added a new software update feature to its professional paid version that will allow you to conveniently update all of your important programs in one place.  The professional version will also automatically update CCleaner itself, and perform automatic browser cleaning as well as scheduled general cleaning.

It is a good idea to keep essential programs up to date, as many software updates and patches in this day and age address security vulnerabilities discovered by hackers, as well as general bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you would like to try out the new software updater feature and other professional features before you decide it’s worth buying, CCleaner is currently offering a free 14 day trial.

To activate, open up CCleaner, go to Tools, Software Updater, review the list of program updates you would like to install, then click Update or Update All:



(Note:  If you do not see the software updater feature you are using an older version of Ccleaner and will first need to update by visiting https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download, click ‘download’ under the free section and follow the instructrions.)

If you are currently using CCleaner free edition, a pop up will appear notifying you that you need to upgrade in order to use Software Updater, click ‘No Thanks’:



You will then see a follow up message offering you to try the Software Updater free for 14 days, go ahead and click ‘Try Software Updater’:



CCleaner will automatically convert to a trial of the professional version, and now you can go ahead and click Update or Update All again on the Software updater Window to begin installing the updates.  The update installer for each program will load in succession, walking you through the necessary steps.

If a program update requires or recommends that you restart your computer after finishing, click no for now, you can save time by restarting the computer once after all updates are installed instead of restarting the computer after each individual update.

When all the updates have finished installing, CCleaner will present you with a Updates Complete message and an option to restart your computer.  Make sure any open files are saved and closed (Word docs, file edits etc.) if there are any, then click ‘Restart Now’ to complete the updating process:



Additional CCleaner Professional features you may want to explore are the Scheduling feature under Options to have CCleaner automatically run periodically for you, as well the automatic web browser cleaning on program close, found in the Smart Cleaning section also under Options.

If you decide you like the professional version of CCleaner, they are currently offering a $10 discount off the regular price of $24.95, you can take advantage of this discount by going to Upgrade on the bottom of the left side column.

Happy Cleaning!

~Ted Eiler

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